Meet George S

2013 bio photo GS

George Somerwill is a Canadian former United Nations staff member who worked for the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in a number of peacekeeping and other UN operational areas from 1996-2011.

His UN work took him to Angola, Iraq (the Oil-for-Food Program), Pakistan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Sudan and Liberia.  He retired from the UN in 2011 as Director of Communications for the UN Mission in Liberia.

George started his career in the BBC Africa Service and the CBC (As it Happens). As a journalist and producer, he travelled frequently to some of the world’s worst trouble spots, including Ethiopia and Somalia. He also worked for CIDA and CARE Canada in Ottawa and Africa, in communications and fundraising for emergency programming.

Currently working as a consultant in the international arena, George has an MA in Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development from the University of York (UK). He is the Past President of the UN Association in Canada, Vancouver Branch as well as board member for the MOSAIC society.


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