About UN For All

The UN For All program offers BC students and teachers a compilation of opportunities to promote understanding of, and engagement in issues surrounding the United Nations, its Agencies, Funds and Programmes and current world issues with which the organization must grapple. Through classroom visitations, the crucial link between the days’ international headlines and the way in which Canada and the international community, through the UN, interact together and influence world events is deconstructed.

With visuals, expertise, social media and authentic event-based learning activities, students will be drawn into informed face-to-face discussion and challenged to reflect on and pursue knowledge, think critically about world events, and let their voices be heard and influence felt. Teachers will enjoy an enhancement of the new Social Studies curriculum.

UN For All stands alone in its goal as a focused educational program to make BC students aware of their place in the world. Using a number of comprehensive components: it offers cohesive, intelligent programming to secondary students, and professional and classroom support to BC teachers.



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