Booking/Contact Info 2018-19

For information about rates and booking, please email George Somerwill at UNForAll2012(at) Negotiated rates are available for centralized school district bookings. Mr. Somerwill is available for Lower Mainland classroom visitations for the 2016-17 school year. Bookings outside the Lower Mainland will be asked to assist George with transportation and accommodation.

1. How much is it to book a presentation with George Somerwill? 
Please contact George Somerwill at for 2018-19 rates.

2. How many classes can be booked into one UN For All presentation?
Yes. One, two or three classes are ideal for the presentations. Due to the interactive nature of the presentations, no more than three classes are recommended in a presentation at one time.

3. Why is there a fee?
Program fees cover technology and materials costs. The fees cover fuel or transit costs within the Lower Mainland.

4.  I live outside the Lower Mainland. Can I book a presentation with George Somerwill?
Yes, George would love to visit all communities in BC. Please note that transportation and accommodation costs, where prohibitive, will be requested. Effort is being made to obtain outside funding to cover transportation costs to communities around the whole province. The goal is to visit all students in BC, so that those outside the Lower Mainland are not penalized for living outside the Metro Vancouver area. All young people should be included in and deserve to be exposed equally to the ideals and shortcomings of the United Nations; cost should not be a factor.

Until the necessary funding is found, each school district outside of Metro Vancouver will need to cover the cost of transportation to their school district, and also for reasonable accommodation where necessary. For that reason, booking a number of presentations within a short time period would be cost-effective.

5.  How long are the presentations?
Presentations are based on a time frame of 75 minutes, which is the length of a class blocks in many schools. If the question and answer session of a presentation is cut short for some reason, it can continue with interested students through the Twitter Project @UN4all.

6. Which classes or groups are these UN presentations geared towards?
The presentations are suitable for the new Social Studies 10, Explorations 11, History 12 and Social Justice 12 classes. In addition, social studies teachers can benefit from a case study session, geared to their knowledge level. Honours students at other levels would also benefit.


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